BodyBio Report Testimonials


"The BodyBio Report is a prerequisite almost every patient in my office is tested with. It provides me and my patients with up to date scientific research based data. This evidence based results make sure the choices I make are for the best of the individual patient and not an average general approach. The Body Bio biomedical system helps me to suggest the right nutrition as well and I can see dramatic changes in the biochemistry profiles within six weeks of treatment. For example: Cholesterol levels normalize from too high or from too low, the electrolytes balance out and a healthy nitrogen balance can be attained."

Katrin Bieber, MD

"Your biomedical analysis system of laboratory tests was my missing link to the integrated management of my patients. The BodyBio system is state of the art resulting in an evidence based comprehensive nutritional portfolio for patients. I have integrated the BodyBio approach not only into my practice but into my personal life. "

Denise Sutherland-Phillips, MD

"A fabulous system to restore the body to optimum homeostasis."

Phillip Murray, MD

"Over the years I've used the BodyBio Report for it's blood chemistry analysis. This has been an incredible tool for me and my clients. The BodyBio Report helps me determine not only when someone's blood chemistry is severely out of balance, but also catches imbalances before they become problematic. As a tool the Report has been a great motivator for my clients to make changes in their lifestyle and habits, as well as to take needed nutrients. The BodyBio Report provides an opportunity for me to sit down with my clients and give them a deeper look at their health picture and sets the stage for healing. Thank you BodyBio!"

Hope Fay, N.D.

"In the primary treatment of cancer patient during chemotherapie or radiation we put our focus on stabilizing the immuno functions and support nutritional aspects. In order avoid the common side effects we need reliable parameters of blood chemistry. The Body-Bio blood panel indicates how to support catabolic metabolism in nutrition. Furthermore we can correctly administer and control the substitution of minerals, trace minerals and vitamins in theses extraordinary situations.

In the secondary phase in treatment of cancer patients we apply the Fatty Acid Analysis to treat the damages of first line therapy on the cell membranes. There is no other way to get a closer look to the deficiency and damages on these cells. The data of the Fatty Acid Analysis bring new insights to the important role of polyunsaturated fatty acidy during the phase of recovery and secondary prevention of cancer. "

Meinrad Milz, MD


BodyBio Fatty Acid Report Testimonials


"The Fatty Acid Analysis is performed with most of the chronic ill patients, often showing neurological symptoms. It shows if pathological Fatty Acids are present, if the structural Fatty Acids are enough and if the essential ones are in balance. The Body Bio report gives me valid information especially in combination with the blood report, which substrates and cofactors are needed to help the patient develop out of chronic pathological ill symptoms and gain healthy ground again. Without this information it is not possible to assess if the patient is in need for antioxidants. Cell membrane health is mandatory for energy production as well as for proper detoxification. In major neurological diseases there is always an inflammation of the brain with the need to address the stability and healthy function of the cell membrane and the Prostaglandins as inflammatory modulators. This test has made a profound change in approach and therapy of my patients and has guided many out of severe conditions."

Katrin Bieber, MD

"I can say with confidence that the BodyBio Report has done more to aid me in helping my patients with neurologic disorders than any other testing modality. It should be in every physician’s therapeutic armamentarium. I am grateful to Edward Kane and Dr. Patricia Kane for their devotion to the field of lipids and their efforts to achieve excellence in nutritional health care delivery "

Mark O'Neal Speight, MD

"The BodyBio Fatty Acid Report is a remarkable document. With a quick glance gross abnormalities are easily revealed. The graphical representations make for easy viewing of deviations from normal. Importantly, the technical support I have received has made the complicated subject of fatty acids, and the results of a complex test understandable. Their guidance has been invaluable."

Harlan C. Bieley, MD

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